Top Five Most Difficult Quests

Top Five Most Difficult Quests

With quests making their triumphant return as of August of this year, I thought I would take the time to shed some light on a few of our older, more elusive challenges offered with Armor Games.  Included with the challenges are the current number of players who have completed the quest at the time of this article. Regardless of if you are looking for new challenges or for simple bragging rights, these quests are certain to provide the most difficult experiences on Armor Games. 


Dinogen – Perfectionist

Dinogen is a top-down shooter featuring a fast-paced survival mode, as well as a fully fleshed out story mode! The Perfectionist achievement pits you against the challenge offered in the various story missions of the campaign; these can be solved by completing supplementary challenges outlined throughout the duration of the chosen mission.  They can range from eliminating a certain total number of foes, or finishing an obstacle course within a given time limit. Do you have what it takes to survive and become a Perfectionist?


Road of the Dead 2 – Mutant Stomp

Road of the Dead 2 is the thrilling sequel in the Road of the Dead series where you take control of two soldiers trying to escape a massive outbreak in Evans City. Upon the completion(or failure) of a mission, stats will display various details accrued during your drive. The Mutant Stomp quest asks the player to survive on the road for a near 20 kilometers, or 20,000 meters, though if you drive fast and aim for the head, maybe you’ll be one of the lucky few to Stomp some Mutants.


Bullet Heaven 2 – Ultra Star

Bullet Heaven 2 is a shoot-em-up spinoff of the Epic Battle Fantasy by series creator Kupo707. Thousands of beautiful bullets will rain down upon you at varying degrees, with only one goal in mind: Survival.  The Ultra Star Achievement, on the surface, appears to ask less of a user than the previous two quests so far. However, the heavenly difficulty sports a near 100% bullet density per level, with the most difficult of bullet patterns offered.  Can you make your way to the top of the screen and curb this Bullet Hell into your own Bullet Heaven.


Sushi-Cat-a-pult – Sushi Master

The iconic figure, Sushi Cat, flashes back to a age before their first trip to Japan, hoping to share one of their older stories with all their new friends and felines.  Sushi Cat-apult is a simple distance game that has you collecting sushi by launching the jovial Sushi Cat towards their prize, in hopes of reaching a full belly. The Quest in question requires a laundry list of tasks to be completed across a variety of criteria and stages prior to being given the rank and title of master.  Our bouncing friend is hungry, and only a master will be able to satisfy their needs!


Give Up 2 – We’re Not Worthy

Rounding out the top of our list, we have the hyper-challenging platformer and direct sequel to the Give Up series, Give Up 2. The game has you take command of the snarky-stickman Blue, and his vague understanding of the experiments being done and the outer world around him.  Upon completing the main story missions of the game, bonus stages and various challenges will be unlocked. Here you will find the infamous Bonus Stage E, or, the most difficult challenge offered on Armor Games as of the current moment.  With only seventy-one of the near tens of thousands of users we house within our hallowed halls seeing this stage to completion, there are some real bragging rights that come with its completion. Are you worthy?


If you are looking for more information about our next game feel free to take a look at our publishing site for further details for what we have in store. In addition to the titles listed above, we have newly launched quests for Shorties’s Kingdom 2 with further Flash and HTML based quests coming down the pipeline. To keep up to date with our current titles, mobile launches, and other future announcements take a look at Armor Games on Twitter and Facebook for additional details.