Sushi Cat Adoption

That’s right! A new litter of Sushi Cats’ are up for Adoption for the low price of $24.00 USD. You can have your very own rotund, fish-loving feline! Check out our store-page for more details.  


Sushi Cat’s Last Visit to Armor Games:

Sushi cat was feeling a little lonely, and found themselves wanting a friend to spend their time with. “They would have to love lounging around, playing games together, and most importantly, eating Sushi!” thought Sushi Cat. “But where would I find a friend who loves everything that I do…?” After thinking long and hard, Sushi-Cat reached out to long-time friends at Armor Games. “They will know where to find a friend like me!” exclaimed Sushi Cat. “They found me after-all!” 

After arriving and explaining themselves, Armor was willing and ready to help the young feline in any way they could. It took a little digging, but they were able to help Sushi Cat find the very same adoption agency where Sushi Cat was first seen all those years ago. More surprising still, was the impeccable timing of Sushi Cat’s request; they were accepting new applications! Brimming with newfound excitement, Sushi Cat took control of the computer with lightning speed. Haphazardly filling out their required details with near-reckless abandon.

“I can finally have a friend to eat Sushi and play games all-day together with!” with a hearty laugh Sushi Cat hurried to complete their order. “Just like me…” At long last, Sushi Cat found their own friend who shared in their favorite activities like eating sushi and playing Crush the Castle: Siege Master, now on Android

This got Sushi Cat thinking – it’s nearly the holiday season, maybe other people are also looking for a sushi and video game loving friend that will keep them company. With their friend in tow and a warm smile, Sushi Cat went back to Armor Games and asked if they could run an adoption, so that everyone can find the fluffy friend they’d love to love. Armor Games, happy to support the lovely cat, decided to do something to help everyone get their hands on the fluffy, cuddly friends.


It was decided that these lovely new Sushi Cat-like friends should be given a chance to be adopted into loving homes, hopefully ones that are more able to provide a steady stream of delicious sushi-goodness.  


Take a look over at the listing over at the Adoption Agency for further details. Follow Sushi Cat on Twitter here; and keep up with updates and releases with Armor Games over on our Twitter and Facebook pages. 

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