Upcoming Release: Microboats


Microboats is a game currently being developed and will be featured on Armor Games very soon! Armor Games had the chance to talk to the developer himself, Tony, to find out what to expect from the new game.

Tony, what is Microboats?

It’s a competitive racing game where you can play as one of 5 characters racing around several courses with obstacles, jumps, speed boosters etc in order to win.


What can gamers expect when playing Microboats?

One of its main features is the ability to race several ghost replays of friends at a time to make it even more competitive, and level up your boat as you go for more power/speed. Also, as mentioned before, there are 5 characters with the option of racing on several courses that include different obstacles as well.


Is there anything additional you would like to highlight about Microboats?

The artwork is being done by Anton Karlov, the excellent artist behind mining truck. I also intend on having several subtle 3D objects around to nicely compliment the area without getting in the way of gameplay. Also, my expectations are for it to be a fun experience to play alone and addictively competitive when using the Armor games Gamesharing system to compete with your friends.

Is there a release date set for Microboats?

The release date is within the next two weeks time, so not much of a wait!

Keep a look out for Microboats on Armor Games. This is a competitive, addictive game that you do not want to miss!