We Love You Too, Finland

Google recently launched a new tool for monitoring where people are searching from.  When it came to “Armor Games” as a search query, well, we were a bit surprised.  My guess would have been the United States or Canada on top for search volume (although they were rather high) or the United Kingdom purely on how much we know Europe loves casual gaming.  Instead, it  was that country that everyone holds close to their heart, yes… it’s Finland!  Finland holds that highest ratio of searches for Armor Games, followed closely but Croatia and Slovenia:

Now this is not to say that we get the most traffic from Finland.  And this graph is not saying that the order of the countries on this list is the traffic rank for each.  It’s just an indication of what percentage of searches are going towards our site via Google.   So, Finland, what makes our site so appealing to find?  Why does your population of 5.3 million search for us so frequently?  Is it because we share the same colours in our logo and your flag?  Is it our shared respect of folk music?  Who knows.

Additionally, the United States has a breakdown of region as well.  Utah and Oregon seem to be the victors here, followed closely by Arkansas and Idaho.  Most interesting thing about this map is that large chunk of white space right in the middle of the United States.  What’s going on Wyoming?

And another interesting graph is the search for “Last Stand 2”, which resulted in a very territorial breakdown of where people are searching for it:

Apparently Michigan and the Northeast love their zombie killing, or at least are looking for zombies to kill.  Anyway, these maps are a lot of fun to check out.  It gives you an interesting perspective on how location makes a big difference in what people search for and how frequently.