You sure are looking Shifty...

You guys hankering for some more SHIFT action?

Well first, let me get a few other discussion points out in the open as well…

First, what the heck happened to The Greater Good? Didn’t I say it was almost done? Didn’t I release a level editor? Where did it go!?
Well as it turns out, the game has been compeltely overhauled. The gameplay remains the same, the levels still all work form the editor, but it’s now no longer based on sacrificing cult members.
Stifle your groans, minions! I’m not here to dissapoint. Whats more fun than killing faceless cult members? You guessed it – killing cute little animals with big round eyes and loveable appearances.
How loveable you say? Well the artwork for them is being supplied by Mr Michael Swain, who you may know from such smash hits as the Mastermind series and the blockhead series.
So expect big things in the next few days.

Aww how disposable.

Second Tidbit is another, smaller game I’m working on with Dim of the Super Flash Bros, a side crolling shooter based underwater. The style of the graphics is super snazzy, and sadly this game had been pushed backcause of the revamping of the greater good for the IGF, so poor
Dim has done a tonne of the artwork for it, but while I have the engine running smoothly, it will take a bit more time before completion. But keep your eyes peeled, this ones going to be lots of fun.


Third on the agenda is my return to my favourite game series, SHIFT. Shift 4 is going to be another step forward for the SHIFT series. I’ve tried to build on each one in succession to add more depth to gameplay for you crazy cats, and this one will be no different.

The idea I’ve been toying with is an experimental multi character approach. DId anyone ever play that one game Scoregamites? During the making of it I had tonnes of ideas for a more enclosed game like shift using a similar concept, but without the repitition represented by scoregamites.
I’ll also be incorperating tonnes of Armor games members levels into this version, which is always fun.
And here, for your viewing pleasure, is a neat little promotional poster mocked up by Chris Ignatov, with the clever little logo by Matte Bell. I have big things in store for you Armor peeps.