Youtube Commentaries

As a developer, I find it interesting that people would spend time recording themselves beating some of my games. There are a good 20-30 Dark Cut 2 videos on Youtube right now, including detailed step-by-step instructions on how to beat the game, as well as video-reviews. I am amazed people would spend the time to do this, and I appreciate it a lot.

More peculiar is the random things kids will do with their footage. For one, I dug up this gem. It is from the preloader game of Four Second Firestorm. The minigame is a carrot-man who runs away from bowling balls, with the challenge being how long you can survive the cascade of balls. For some reason, these foreign kids decided it would be a good idea to dub over the preloader (in a language I am unfamiliar with) and dump it on youtube. See below for the clip:

I am completely confused as to why they would do this, but nonetheless, it’s interesting.