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[Page 15] Something Is Coming... (not related to Quests.)

Posted Mar 13, '13 at 6:24pm



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The secrecy of phase one actually wasn't that important. That was just to mess with you. :P



Thread 1

Thread 2

Thread 3


Yes! I have won the battle of shovel! You all shall bow down to me and my girly sidekick!



No..but I was told that it took 7 years to digest. Wouldn't say it was a stupid thing I believed...but not a smart one haha

I'll find one more for pang and two more for Pick later. Until then *vanish*

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I pick:


This Thread

The "Adventure Section?" We have one of those??

No problem. Don't worry, not going to steal it. Just write those directions down so you nail it first try next time.



I learned that you can't have 4 guys with a basketball each, throw at the net at the same time. Its a mess, basketballs bouncing everywhere.

I thought that everyone in the world lived in Indiana. Then I went to Ohio and I relized I was wrong.

I also thought that robots didn't exist.

This Thread


None, why you may ask, because I can not afford it.

probably would get either a galaxy, or a droid, or an Iphone, or a ... (just so long as it has Jetpack Joyride)

~~~Darth Caedus

I didn't like how depressed Eccleston always was, Tennant is pretty good, and Smith had a lot of episodes with really creepy aliens (example: Night Terrors with those dolls)

source: seen series 1, 5, 6 and halfway through 2.

~~~Darth Caedus

Haven't watched the movie, but from the trailer I see so much emotion. (he just stopped that truck, I am just going to sit here with my mouth half-open, not acting surprised, amazed, etc)

~~~Darth Caedus


Yep three things for each person. Is this good?

Posted Mar 13, '13 at 9:16pm



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My Choices

SubZero007: The Ranger

I just realized something. Are you going to require sleep in your game, or can we just keep going and going like it's an Elder Scrolls game?

Sorry, I'm a very thorough guy.

@shadow: do you mean in twain?
@Matt: I lol'd multiple times during your story about updating.

Krin: The Artist

Great job with these avatars guys! Keep 'em coming!

(Message to me): Sure I'll do it and will post it in the thread by Monday.

Here are the final two from me. These were actually requests - Ferret, there's one here for you And the other is MattEmAngel's picture, but just redone in a different style.

pangtongshu: "That" guy

*pats on back*

So I'm assuming you are on the "Environment" side of the "Biological vs Environmental" spectrum?

*gasp* Don't break da rules =O

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Game thread

Pickle thread

Importance thread

Speaks spanish-- "Yo puedo hablar español así que si necesitas palabras a traducir te puedo ayudar."

Oh and this thread.



Cool armatars

Cool riddles

Funny about part-- ".....I don't have a girlfriend, okay?! Shut up!"


Cool mental poop

Interesting "it" thread

Has 155 quests!-- "Reton8's Quests (155)"

That's about it. Sorry if I missed something that's way cooler than what I put, but I only had about ~15 minutes to pile up all these.

Hopefully I did all the links right too.


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Ok ok let me explain this. Looking back a few pages I see more confusion.
So when you reach level 55 and prestige, you lose your weapons. However, once you unlock your weapon a second time, it will have ALL the attachments/camo it had the first time. I golded and 2 prestiged my pdw in my first prestige and its still the same 6 prestiges later. When you prestige you earn 2 thing. One is a choice between a custom class, stat reset or token reset. The other is one perma unlock item. Yes, you can perma unlock something every prestige and get custome classes the same prestige.

As for weapon prestige, you just lose attachments, not camos. The first prestige you can add your clan tag on the gun, the second you can add your emblem. You can only prestige it 2 times.

*cracks knuckles*
Who missed me?

If you re-arrange the letters in my name, you dont get Giants, you get icpkoktecp.





This question makes me feel so bad. I was expecting easy-going answers not anything about the death law.

*srs faic* Make pears illegal to eat.

*super srs faic* Learn about pies in maths instead of pi.

*super cereal srs faic* legalize euthanasia


Oh I have actually gotten to do this before! It was quite the design. It involved a lot of strange shapes and weird colours and fun craz things like dumbwaiters in which you could transport yourself and poles between floors to slide down. Certainly nothing realistic, but very fun.

Hmmm I think I would serve....
1. Italian Wedding Soup
2. Lasanga
3.Belgium Waffles
4. Ceasar Salad
5. Fresh Fruit
Why? I think it is a menu that could work for every meal and I happen to think all those foods are delicious.

Element? I would want to be water. I can go be a cloud and look down on everything, or see what goes on way down deep in the ocean. I can rain myself into any place I would like or go hide deep down in earth. I think it has the most ability to go everywhere.

As for actor or actress? I'm not sure.....

I learned that the most popular favourite colour worldwide is blue, followed by purple and the least favourite colour is white although that isn't really a colour. Blue being the overall favourite doesn't really surprise me, but purple being second and white being the least favourite overall does.

Posted Mar 14, '13 at 4:05pm



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I'm going to have to do mine in chunks, Sal knows why. Here is Shovel.

Because pickpocket really wants me too I will post here. I don't really need help though so I will make it quick.

Asking girl to prom. She is a grade higher than me.

Ok. Happy pick?
I am back. Dumb AG updating. Well. I promise I will still not be on tons (at least not the community) because I was enjoying my time of AG.
I could win a date with Ferret??? I better get on it!

Posted Mar 14, '13 at 4:12pm



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Here's my phase 2 of the something:


Selection 1: MrDayCee

Item 1: Post in a support thread.

I don't know the specifics of this particular question, but I'm forwarding it to the staff for you. Please await their answer, ok? =)

Item 2: Comment to warn a user not to make duplicate threads.

Hey Drose...

Please don't make duplicate threads anymore. One introduction thread per new user is enough, ok?

Thank you! =)

Item 3: Comment to warn a user not to include an advertising link on the about.

Hey Oppy...
Please delete your link to EpicFreePrizes from your profile about immediately and notify me you did it.
These links are not allowed according to the website rules and could render consequences for you. Fair warning...
Thank you. =)


Selection 2: killersup10

Item 1: Comment on xeano321's profile.

Killersup's father was a fighter, so Killersup should have a some what chance. :P His father used to have a thing about him in fights...father couldn't hit the hardest, or be the biggest guy. But every time you hit him he just got angrier and angrier...

Item 2: Rating the importance of R2D21999.

Reason enough to increase activity!

You've gone to a whole another level r2d2, 9/10. You are helping keep everybody laughing.

Item 3: Post to volunteer for the something.

Killersup volunteers as a test subject, woo! Killersup always wanted to have four arms!


Selection 3: Gantic

Gantic created the following threads:

Legendaria Imaginaria, a thread to archive memorable AMW threads.

SIPPYCUpS, a thread to show new users how to write a merit-worthy comment as well as giving them a guaranteed merit when they write a good review of a game.

Bad with Games, a forum game where each post represents a different forum game.

Posted Mar 14, '13 at 4:34pm



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Kudos for not including the names of the warned users in your quotes, Patrick.

This isn't even the main course of the something but it's still pretty darn interesting.


Posted Mar 14, '13 at 4:40pm



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Kudos for not including the names of the warned users in your quotes, Patrick.

I didn't intend to name the users, but MrDayCee included the names in both cases, so I included the comments as a whole.

Posted Mar 14, '13 at 4:42pm



4,299 posts

I didn't intend to name the users, but MrDayCee included the names in both cases, so I included the comments as a whole.

Yeah, but you didn't say "MrDayCee warning [username] in a comment." Their usernames aren't there.
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