Bloons TD 5 - Introductory Guide

Bloons TD 5 - Introductory Guide

Just starting out, or looking to up your bloon-popping game? Take a look at these handy resources we’ve compiled to help beginners dive right in!


Useful Links

Tracks – An overview of the tracks available in the game

Towers – A look into the types of towers, their damage output and abilities

Specialty Buildings – The ins and outs of specializing in one particular tower-type

Bloons – Outline of Bloon classifications, such-as Color or Ability.

Bloononomics – Bloon Economics; tips and tricks to earn bloon-cash

Career Rank – A deeper dive into the ranking and level-up system

Daily Challenges – In-game challenges used to earn a variety of rewards


Video Guides

Join Youtuber’s Gravy Cat Man & Rubix as they aim to assist new players.


A beginner’s guide with youtuber Rubix.


Join Gravy Cat Man as they play through every beginner level.


Wanting something a bit more impoppable? Check out LokNexMunstr’s playlist for tips on advanced gameplay


Is there anything this resource missed? Are there other important details to know when starting off? Leave a comment below, or feel free to reach out to us directly with any and all other necessary details we left out.

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