Yorg.io - Beginner's guide

Yorg.io - Beginner's guide

Compiled here is a list of useful videos, tips, tricks and resources designed to aid beginners  looking for additional guidance when starting the game.


Useful Links

Basic Overview – Light dive into the hotkeys, early strategies and starter tips.

Buildings – Explanation of the various buildings and their effects.

Resources – Breakdown of the obtainable resources.

Enemies – Overview of the enemies found in the game.

Skill-up Suggestions – Youtuber Refillable Duck offers skill-up suggestions.

The Subreddit – If you have more specific questions or concerns.

Advanced Guide – A look into the Zojj Cell Strategy for advanced players.



Video Guides

An introduction to the game with Youtuber SPIKES [SK].


Follow Youtuber LazeeLlama as they learn and experience the game.


Join Youtuber Refillable Duck as they play to cover the entire map.


Is there anything this resource is missing? Are there other tips and tricks that are important to know when starting off? Leave a comment below, or feel free to reach out to us directly with any and all other necessary details we left out.


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