Top 10 Idle Games

Top 10 Idle Games

An incremental, clicker, or idle game, are games that allow their players to take a back-seat role to some of the more intensive aspects of gaming. With a breadth of genres at their disposal, the difference in becoming an entrepreneur, evil sorcerer, or grand adventurer are all bound by the click of a mouse.

Note: This list reflects the current user ratings on the site. Additionally, we have opted to include only the highest rating game in a series to avoid any one in particular from dominating the entries. If there are other titles you were hoping to see, let us know in the comments below!

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#10 – Hero Simulator, 2015 (87/100)

An Idle-RPG all about Folcard, a plucky youth looking to follow in his ancestors legendary footsteps.  This whimsical idle title created by the spectacular Revanaii has you and Folcard beginning his quest for greatness; your goal being to help Folcard take his legacy into his own hands and forge the heroic task he’s always dreamed of following.

#9 – Idle Web Tycoon, 2015 (88/100)

Learn to invest wisely and maximize your site views as you work get your very own website off the ground! Name your site, generate views and improve your technology in HTomson’s hit title Idle Web Tycoon.


#8 – Zombidle, 2016 (88/100)

Join up with Bob, the local Necromancer, and his cohorts as they look to spread disarray over the realm of Goodlandia. BerzerkStudio’s puts on their best villain face as they look to bring chaos to the unsuspecting inhabitants of the kingdom. Raise an army or do the heavy-clicking yourself, in this proactive clicker-idle title.


#7 – Tap Adventure Time Travel, 2016 (89/100)

Take up to adventuring as a party in this RPG-inspired idle adventure. Living within the Patch World universe, this idle game offers a degree of complexity to its battle system to allow for hours of delightful classic RPG experiences. Explore new lands, hire heroes and defeat the monsters in Avaloid’s recent title.


#6 – Blacksmith Lab, 2016 (Rating: 89/100)

Lampogolovii brings an addictive idle game where you take up the mantle of Forge-master. Invest money, take care of your client’s orders and upgrade your forge in this clicker-style idle-gaming experience.


#5 – Religious Idle, 2018 (Rating 90/100)

Start your own religion, recruit followers, and become almighty in Kodiqis latest title that borders on the occult. With the complete freedom in its creation you can name your religion, the title of your followers, and even the holy words they must practice. Can you topple the other major religions in your quest for truth?


#4 – Crusaders of the Lost Idols, 2015 (Rating 90/100)

CodenameEntertainment offer an idle experience that focuses more on the party-building aspect of the RPG genre. Forge your band of heroes to fight monsters, earn gold and create strategies to build the perfect party formation. With multiple campaigns and new events coming in regularly, there is much to be explored.


#3 – Realm Grinder, 2016 (Rating 92/100)

Take command of your empire in the name of good…or evil, will you be a benevolent king, or a cruel tyrant. Align yourself with multiple races across a multitude of factions as you work to harvest your treasure, build your empire, and unleash your magic upon the land in DivineGames top idle adventure.


#2 – Press the Button, 2018 (Rating 93/100)

Push that button! Trufire87c offers a tempting clicker experience, where everything is tied to pressing that large red button. Starting off in an endless black abyss, you must employ Goblins, Wizards and your trusty clicker-finger to improve your skills and see everything that tantalizing button has to offer.


#1 – Clicker Heroes, 2014 (Rated 93/100)

Finishing off the list is Fragsworth’s classic title Clicker heroes. A marriage of standard idle and clicker mechanics with multi-tiered levels and dungeon crawling elements add variety to the standard idle formula.


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