Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack Castles


Hello again Crush the Castle fans!

Do you love making castles in Crush the Castle 2? Do you enjoy seeing other people play your cool castles? Have I got a proposal for you.

Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack is about to go into the works (if you haven’t heard already) and we want you to make some amazing castles for the new game.

The last players pack had some really creative castles and it proved what you guys are capable of, so this time around will probably be no exception. With over 700k castles submitted to the People’s Empire in Crush the Castle 2 already, you guys have made Crush the Castle 2 an amazing experience with an almost unlimited amount of castles to play. Because you guys are so great, we want to make a game for the fans by the fans with a new Players Pack game.

If you have a castle that you’re dying to see in the new game, please make an awesome castle in the Castle Builder of Crush the Castle 2 and submit your castle here:

Click here to Submit!

Those that submit a castle that gets accepted in the game will get their choice of Coffee Mug, a pack of Armor Games Stickers, as well as Ball Revamped Ball. Plus they will get their name under the castle they created for all to see in the new Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack game.

Notes for castle submitters:

  • Castles that are literally impossible to beat probably won’t be accepted.
  • Castles that make the game run slowly (ie. too many blocks) may either be edited to run better or they won’t be accepted at all.
  • Castles submitted to the People’s Empire already are eligible.
  • Please don’t plagiarize castles that you did not make. That’s not cool.
  • Please keep it clean. No castles that might ruin the game for more sensitive players.
  • Please provide a valid email address for us to contact you if your castle gets accepted.
  • Be creative and Have Fun!

That’s it Crush the Castle fans! Winners will get emails when the game goes live officially. I look forward to seeing some really amazing castles. 🙂