Flash MindMeld 2011 is Live!


What makes or breaks a flash game? That is the exact question being answered by 60 of the most talented people behind flash games. This is your chance to get information, help, and suggestions fromt he leading developer’s in flash! Click here to sign up! Enter your name and e-mail and you can instantly hear advice from the pro’s! You will also be e-mailed a copy of the full mp3. Armor Games is also proud to announce that our game developers are apart of the Flash MindMeld all-star panel. These developers include:

John Cooney (jmtb02)

Chris Condon (ConArtists)

Daniel McNeely (CEO)

Krin Juangbhanich (Krin)

Louis-Simon Menard (Louissi)

Antony Lavelle (Tony)

Make sure you take time to check out Flash MindMeld! There will be tons of helpful information about flash games for free!