Crush These Castles

The best thing about building block towers is smashing them. The best thing about Crush the Castle is that you don’t have to build them. And explosives! And fire! And chickens! And, well, pretty much everything.

Check out some of the creations by other players below. And smash them!


 Hunting for Butterflies by @Tooru

Head to the icy wastelands of the North where princesses live in towering icy blossoms and wait for butterflies. Or are these tiny princesses in normal-sized flowers? Whatever the case, the trebuchet is the perfect tool to destroy everything.

Hunting for Butterflies by Tooru


Royal Treasury Robbers by @SSTG

The robbers are getting away on the roof. How you stop them is up to you. You should probably destroy the entire treasury and burn it to the ground, just to be sure you get those pesky robbers.

Royal Treasury Robbers by SSTG


The Best Tower Bridge by @valboss84

London Bridge is falling down and now you get to bring Tower Bridge down with it… along with the royal family and their personal guards who just happened to be visiting the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Best Tower Bridge by valboss84


Poor Hideout by @timestables

The King has retreated to a jungle outpost but is he still safe so far away from home? Surely no one would be silly enough to try to destroy buildings filled with explosives. Nothing could go wrong.

Poor Hideout by timestables


The Peasants Survive! by @CourtJester

Usually, the peasants die first, but this time, the peasants survive… mostly. Until some brave soul comes saves them, they are stuck on a roof standing on explosives while everyone else gets to stay inside away from the elements.

The Peasants Survive! by CourtJester

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