Puzzle Me This

Have a hankering for some new puzzle games this weekend? Not only have three new/updated games been released by qzix13, but they are also available for free on Android! Here they are in no particular order…


Slice the Box Level Pack – Website Version – Android Version

A unique puzzle game involving cutting cardboard into amazing shapes. Cut off the excess to form exciting-thing-a, exciting-thing-b, exciting-thing-c, and more. You’ll be limited by the number of slices you can make, length of slice, and where!



HivexWebsite VersionAndroid Version

Flex your logic skills in this intriguing puzzle game! Clicking any hexagon toggles its state and that of its neighbors. Fully light all of the hexagons to complete each puzzle. Completing in fewer moves earns more stars and faster times result in higher scores.



NambersWebsite VersionAndroid Version

Simple to learn, but as you advance this game will give your brain a workout! Select adjacent cells with the same number, then scroll to change their values. Complete levels by creating the final pattern, and finish in as few moves as possible.