Fruit Crisps - YES!

WHOH THERE.  Yeah you thought we were just all about Flash games or Wii and Zebra-shaped birthday cakes or something…but I am here to talk about this extremely bizarre product we started consuming by the bagful, and sometimes the boxful.

There’s this weird product called “Crisps” we bought recently at Costco after our Admin Assistant Fil tipped us off to it’s existence.  The product is several varieties of freeze-dried fruit.  No, not dried fruit like you get in trail mix or whatever.  Freeze-dried fruit, like the novelty astronaut food you might have eaten from a museum gift shop or somewhere like that.  What they do is remove all the water from a piece of fruit so that it is only the meat of the fruit leftover.

This very stock-photoesque picture I found on the web is about what it looks like.

The fruit tastes like the normal fruit except it has a wafer-like texture and consistency when you eat it.  You can easily eat a whole bag of these things in about two handfuls which means you don’t get many.  But surprisingly the apple-version bag tells us is that there is 1.5 freeze-dried apples in each bag, meaning that days in which I eat three bags I am eating nearly 5 apples.  These things are ridiculously good.

Anyway after our trial box of these things we decided the office needed more.

I think we have about 200 of these things now, which should at least hold us over until the end of next week.  These things are delicious and yes this entire post seemed like a giant marketing ploy… but man we are addicted to these things.  Our office stocks them as snack food now so that we stop eating other things that are horrible for us.

We sure talk about food a lot on this blog… sigh.