Obsessive Compulse Tournament - Update 1

In case you haven’t heard of our AWESOME contest, link here.  There’s still a ton of time to enter!

Wow, so we’ve been getting a LOT of entries… nearly 120 unique people have entered since last week!  It’s been awesome to see everyone submitting the most elaborate and exciting level designs we have ever seen in Compulse, and you guys certainly seem to be getting better… some scores have improved by nearly 10-20 points in a few days.  We haven’t OFFICIALLY checked any layouts, but I have to say that these scores I am getting are mind boggling.

We have several updates for you!

  1. Many of you have caught a minor glitch in the teleports.  This is caused by the little circle going into the center of the teleports changing the teleport size, meaning the ball may or may not hit it as it pings.  This glitch is most apparent in level 15 and 23, and may cause different patterns.  The chance of these patterns differentiating is about 1 in 10, but it is still significant enough to warrant a warning.  We acknowledge the problem and if your level works part of the time we will know and count it as okay… but make sure to drop us a note if you notice that one of your levels works part of the time (many of you are doing this, thanks).  This problem is only on teleport levels.
  2. Yes, we know you can hack/slash/edit/modify/glitch the file.  But it’s not going to make a difference since you are submitting your level designs to us.  Please do not send us bogus scores from your awesome cheat engines.
  3. Some people are emailing us 10 times a day.  Please send it once at the end of the day :(.  Once or twice a day is fine but don’t spam my inbox!
  4. We cannot reveal the top scores to you.  You have to use your better judgment (and listen to your rambling co-players in the main ArmorBlog thread) about what scores are floating out there.

So thanks for playing thus far!  I’ll give you a hint as to where you may or may not be at the moment: there are 40 entries that are at or below the score of 80!  A bit vague for you in the lead, but now you know at least where you are…. a tiny bit.

Remember you got until May 7th to get your best score!  The original contest page can be found here.