Out Now: Don't Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland

Out Now: Don't Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland

Now available on Steam, GOG, and Kartridge for PC/Mac, from award-winning indie developer Scriptwelder, Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland is a pixelart point-and-click sci-fi thriller adventure where players are tasked with helping one lone man survive after the end of the world, using a series of seemingly prophetic dreams to prepare his base against the dangers headed his way every night. It’s available for $14.99USD with a 15% launch week discount. Learn more about Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland and get it on Steam!

In each chapter, the player can face one of several potential dangers for David to contend with, each with their own unique way of using items to survive, and puzzles/scenarios to encounter for multiple playthroughs. Players who complete certain conditions may even discover even more new content the next time through. Of course to survive, you’ll need to logically figure out the best course of action and manage your time, since certain actions advance the in-game clock. The game takes its name from the original popular web series by Scriptwelder, which served an inversion of the escape-the-room type games.

Scriptwelder has been a beloved and award-winning creator of free web games for years, and Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland is his first full-length premium adventure. We hope you’ll check the game out, and help us in spreading the news!

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Author: Dora Breckinridge / Follow me on Twitter!