Chat and a Puzzle (Solved)

Get bored waiting for idle games? Maybe you just want to make a friend. The new chat system on Armor Games can now be found at the bottom of our site.

What is this chat bar all about? Bloop

1. Remove Chat

If you don’t like the chat at all, you can click the remove chat button, but you will make all the bunnies and ferrets in the universe very sad. If you change your mind, you can undo this under your profile settings.

2. Armor Games Rules

Yes it does, but clicking the white asterisk will lead you to the rules of Armor Games for the chat, comments, and forums.

3. Friends

This tab lets you see which of your friends are online and you can also send them private messages. The ‘Change Theme’ icon on the right lets you change the theme of the chat bar. Tricky, right? The ‘Options’ button on the left lets your manage your Friends tab as well as your block list.


4. Chat Room

Chat Rooms are the meat and potatoes of the chat bar. You chat with any other user in the same room as you, even if they’re not playing the same game. You can even be in two rooms at once. Just pop out one of them with the ‘Popout chat room’ button and use the chat bar to enter another. If you want to leave, pop it back in if it’s popped out and just click the ‘Leave Chat Room’ button to return to the chat room list.


5. Notifications

It’s the notifications tab! Moving on…

6. Hide Chat

If you don’t want to chat but don’t want the bar to disappear, you can click this button minimize the chat. You won’t receive any chat notifications until you ‘Show Chat’ again.


But wait! What’s the image of a wooden block puzzle have anything to do with chat? If you scroll down in the Chat Room tab, you’ll see some very peculiar locked rooms, including one with a description that looks like gibberish. Break the codes to figure out the passwords to these rooms and win.

(Note: Passwords are case-sensitive and spaces do matter.)

Whose desk this is? I wonder.

The first ten winners will earn themselves one month of AFG+. One lucky winner chosen at random will find themselves with a very difficult Interlocked burr puzzle (pictured above). This will be open until we get ten winners or one week passes.

Can you uncover the secrets of the locked chat rooms and win yourself one month of AFG+ and a very hard Interlocked puzzle?

(Note: All ten winner spots have been filled, but you can still play along until the rooms disappear.)

The solution to Chat and a Puzzle is up and you can find it on the forums here if you don’t want to spoil yourself. Our lucky winner chosen at random at the end of the post is #10. Congratulations Boarmaster!