Top 10 Games of 2018

Top 10 Games of 2018

With 2018 freshly behind us, we wanted to take this time to reflect upon the shiny new titles that we managed to bring under our banner in the past year. The criteria were simple, and every game released on our site over 2018 was eligible.

Note: This list reflects the current user ratings on the site at the time of writing. Additionally, we have opted to include only the highest rated game in a series to avoid any one series in particular from dominating the other entries. If there are other titles you were hoping to see, let us know in the comments below!


#10 – Scalak, July 2 (93/100)

Scalak, by developer HamsterOnCoke, kicks off our list. With no timer or score, coupled with an ever evolving game flow; players are left to test their logistical reasoning across 90 levels. If you find yourself wanting more, you can find an expanded version here at the developers homepage as well.

#9 – Landor Quest 2, Nov 7 (93/100)

Landor Quest and its sequel were both released in the second half of the year by developer Tenfor. Both games ranked in at the low nineties at the time of writing, but ultimately the sequel’s improvements on the initial game left it with the stronger score. Can you defeat the all the levels in the dungeon and reach the Dark Wizard at the end? Fight, upgrade and improve your skills to succeed.


#8 – Rotate, June 20 (93/100)

Rotate by Lightwolf Studios brings back the age of portal-esque scientific experimentation. You find yourself with a new ability to rotate gravity. As you traverse through a series of test chambers you find that the rogue intelligence running the facility is working against the clock. And time is almost up.


#7 – Push, Jan 18 (93/100)

Targaciej’s Push is a short, minimalist puzzle existing in 3D space. Your goal is to push all of the buttons in the given level, but the means to do so won’t be immediately obvious. For those of you looking to continue playing, the developer has additional levels found on the games main page: here.


#6 – Press the Button, Aug 31 (Rating: 93/100)

Much like the previous title, Push, Press the Button by truefire87c tasks you with a similar goal of pressing the button offered. Unlike Push, we trade away our puzzle solving skills for clicking-stamina and patience. This clicker-incremental game offers an expanding degree of depth as you continue to increase your button pressing skills, and begin to employ others for your quest. What lies at the end of this journey? Press the Button and find out.


#5 – Sum Blocks, June 7 (Rating 94/100)

Moving away from the more linear act of pressing buttons, Sum Blocks by Elio Landa takes a visual approach to solving math-based logic puzzles. With 60 levels to test your wit against, dust off your addition skills and solve some blocky puzzles.


#4 – Three Goblets, Aug 17 (Rating 94/100)

Adventuring onward, Adventale’s Three goblets takes us back to the world of fantasy and exploration. With a minimalist style, defeat monsters to grow stronger while grabbing some goblets along the way. And when you finally breathe your last breath, you will be able to upgrade your character, smelt new gear or equip newer rarer items. Keep managing yourself and eventually you may find that you’re powerful enough to uncover it all.


#3 – Wondrous Lands, Jan 12 (Rating 94/100)

The next leg in our journey finds us in the Wondrous Lands of DLord2’s. A fantasy rougelike RPG following a band of adventurers. Explore the randomly generated world, fight over 150 dangerous enemies, learning a swath of skills befitting of an adventurer. You must prepare accordingly or face an inevitable defeat!


#2 – Black, Dec 19 (Rating 96/100)

Long time friend, Bontegames, is back with their newest puzzle title: Black. Much like their previous color puzzles, Yellow and Red, your goal in this title is to fill the screen with the color expressed in the games title. Each level steeped in its own logic, with 25 levels to play, and further still in their Android and iOS versions.


#1 – Unpuzzle 2, Mar 16 (Rated 96/100)

Kekgame tops out 2018 with their sequel to the unique take on the standard jigsaw puzzle, Unpuzzle 2. The game offers a crisp logical challenge, with clearly outlined mechanics, simple controls, and polished game-play.  Currently all of Kekgame’s titles are seeing stellar ratings with us, with both titles in the Unpuzzle series qualifying for a spot on the list.

Honorable Mentions:

Thank you for sticking with us for another year; 2019 is shaping up to be something special and we have a lot of great titles making their way down the pipeline. We continue to learn and grow from past lessons and are truly grateful you continue to return to our hallowed halls.

Happy 2019 from all of us at Armor Games!

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