We calculated the games that had the most players this year. Who do you think is #1?
Hordes of monsters surging forward in single-file, with only you and your building powers to destroy them.
The second best part about Halloween (besides loads of candy) is getting spooked by your favorite scary games and movies.
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Never Give Up Greenlit

Support Never Give Up on Steam Greenlight and spread the rage with new enemies and new levels.

Give Up, Give Up 2, Greenlight, Never Give Up, Steam
Armor Games at PAX East

Armor Games is heading to PAX East in Boston next week to showcase our upcoming games.

pax, PAX East
Partnering with Atmos Games

Armor Games has partnered with Atmos Games to promote Pinstripe, from the same developer as Coma.

pax, PAX East, Steam
Spring Picto-Hunt (Answers)

Instead of an Easter Egg Hunt this year, there will be a Spring and Easter-themed Picture Hunt. Can you find all the pictures?

Easter, Spring

Help Bob the necromancer wreak havoc through the kingdom and summon mindless zombies to do most of the work for you.

Idle Game
Player Level Games (Update)

Beat the game and have nothing left to do? No problem. Check out what other players have created and test your mettle.

Level Share, update
Arc of Templar Quests

Can you successfully lead your team of Templars to beat back the baddies and earn these eight new quests?

Remember Coma?

Thomas Brush; friend of Armor and developer of Coma needs the community’s help to bring his game about Hell to life.

Kickstarter, Steam
Ultimate Tower

Defend your kingdom in a tower defense game where your buildings are stacked into one Ultimate Tower.

Tower Defense
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