We calculated the games that had the most players this year. Who do you think is #1?
Hordes of monsters surging forward in single-file, with only you and your building powers to destroy them.
The second best part about Halloween (besides loads of candy) is getting spooked by your favorite scary games and movies.
Latest News
Soda Dungeon Launched
Stock the tavern with sodas, entice adventurers, and plunder a massive dungeon for loot in this turn-based dungeon crawler.
Afroninja, iOS, iTunes, Soda Dungeon
Unlock Armatars
More armatar unlocks are available for adventurous questers.
5 Color-Changing Games
Change color along with the leaves this autumn with these five colorful color-changing games.
Top List
Knighttron Quests
Are you ready to earn some new Quests? Guide a hero in a journey to recover memories while battling hordes of enemies.
Sushi Cat Plushie - 50% Off
Make an adorable new feline friend who’s in a frenzy about Japanese food. Sushi Cat plushie is back!
For Sale, Plushie, Store, Sushi Cat
New Armatars
The King of Towers has new Armatars to unlock. Earn the Heavenly Quest to get them all and show your friends!
A Knight's Quest Teaser
From creators of Strike Force Heroes and Raze, Sky9 Games is working on new game called A Knight’s Quest.
Sky9 Games, Strike Force Heroes
Chat and a Puzzle (Solved)
Get bored waiting for idle games? Maybe you just want to make a friend. Armor Games has a new chat system.
Chat, Puzzle
Puzzle Me This
Have a hankering for some new puzzle games this weekend? Three new/updated games been released by qzix13…
Android, Puzzle
Crush These Castles
The best thing about building block towers is smashing them and in Crush the Castle you don’t have to build them.
Crush the Castle, User Maps
Lava Lizard Beta
Perform tricks to earn cash, upgrade your gear and get to Lizard Island. This Beta is available to our AFG+!
Beta, Lava Lizard
Forum Forays
Forum Fridays are back, except it’s not on Friday! Kick up your boots in our forums in between gaming sessions.
Forum Friday, Forums
The Clicking Crusade
Looking for your next click-tastic addiction? Crusaders of the Lost Idols has launched on Armor Games
Bush Wacker, Idle Game
Battle Orbs Launched
We’re proud to announce the launch of Battle Orbs, a match 3 puzzle game for iPad/iPhone.
Battle Orbs, iOS, Likwid Games
BunkerSim Update
Louissi has posted a new update about the progress of BunkerSim talking about the expedition system.
BunkerSim, Greenlight, Steam
Nambers on Android
Have that itch for an Android puzzle game? Nambers is simple to pick-up and learn but will keep you enthralled for hours.
Android, Free, Mobile, Nambers
Sentry Knight Tactics
Love Sentry Knight? Help us get Sentry Knight Tactics on Steam Greenlight! Command a team of powerful heroes.
Sentry Knight, Sentry Knight Tactics
Super Adventure Pals 2
Help Greenlight the next game in the Super Adventure Pals series! Characters get wackier and the pets get… giraffeier?
Greenlight, Steam, Super Adventure Pals
Cursed Treasure 3 First Look
Gem protectors, we have our first look at Cursed Treasure 3 from IriySoft. What mysteries will this map hold?
Coming Soon, Cursed Treasure 2, IriySoft
Try Super Chibi Knight
Super Chibi Knight is available on Steam for Apple and PC! An action adventure game with RPG elements.
Chibi Knight, PestoForce, Super Chibi Knight
SFH3 Quests
We’re excited to announce many new Quests for Strike Force Heroes 3. Can you earn them all?
Sky9 Games, Strike Force Heroes
Top 5 War Games
We wanted to celebrate the weekend with some of our top 5 war games. Does your favorite make our list?
Top List, War, warfare
The Enchanted Cave 2 + Quests
Delve into a strange and mysterious cave with a seemingly endless supply of treasure and solve 10 new Quests!
Quests, RPG
Draw a Gem Winners
Thanks to everybody who participated, we had some truly exceptional entries. Game in a Bottle helped pick the final 10 winners.
Contest, facebook, GemCraft, Twitter
GemCraft on Steam - 75% Off!
We’re proud to announce GemCraft Chasing Shadows has come to Steam for your PC. 75% off for a limited time!
GemCraft, Steam
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