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Welcome to the Games section of the forum! This is a place to discuss games of all types. This includes the flash games on the site to your favorite console game.

The forums are a place to have friendly and intelligent discussions. Let's try to keep the spamming, flaming, and trolling down.

A lot of topics are made repeatedly, which means a moderator has to come in and lock the topic and direct it to the already existing topic. Here is a list of some of the more popular topics in case you couldn't find them:

DS vs PSP - here

XBOX vs PS vs Wii - here

Wii vs. PS3 - here

Xbox 360 vs PS3 - here

PS3 - here

XBOX 360 - here

XBOX Live - here

Wii - here

Wii Friend Code - here

Halo 3 - here

MMORPG - here

Mech Quest - here

Adventure Quest - here

Runescape - here

Oblivion - here

Oblivion Character Making - here

SSBB - here

Free Rider 2 - here

GH3 - here

Halo 4 - here

Best Armorgames game - here

WoW - here

Maplestory - here

Wii Friend Code - here

Link vs. Mario - here

GH4? - here

Samus vs. Master Chief - here

Greatest RPG - here

Favorite Character - here

Best Game Ever - here

Worst Game Ever - here

Assasin's Creed - here

Gears of War 2 - here

Kingdom Hearts - here

Armorgames vs. Crazymonkey - here

COD4 - here

Favorite SSBB Character - here

CoD4 vs Halo 3 - here

Ratchet and Clank - here

Mario vs. Master Chief - here

Best Zelda Game - here

GH vs. Rockband - here

Sonny 2? - here


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ya thank a lot for this (go to GH4 and talk)


Posted Apr 2, '08 at 11:14pm



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This is very useful. It should keep people from posting the same topics over again.


Posted Apr 3, '08 at 4:40pm



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Thanks. This is very useful!



Posted Apr 3, '08 at 8:27pm



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appreciate it! vundebar! i hope i spelt that right, its german for wonderful


Posted Apr 4, '08 at 11:40am



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This great Asherlee it really helps people making useless topics.


Posted Apr 5, '08 at 4:21pm



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hmmm...never noticed this before but its great


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Dudeofmetal, try to refrain from double posting and spamming... It's not necessary and bothers many members on the forum. Sorry.


Posted Apr 7, '08 at 12:10pm



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thx this will be alot easyer that either making one then it getting locked or finding one... thx!!!!!!


Posted Apr 9, '08 at 6:03pm



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is it me or is the list getting bigger and bigger!!!!