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Armor Games Quests: Master Thread

A salute to all you dedicated gamers on ArmorGames aiming to gain all the available Quests! _ Quests: The Basics...
First some basic information. Quests are achievements earned through playing certain games on Armor Games that have Quests added to them, using a selection of website features or by participating in officially approved contests. There are currently 4 types of Quests, of which 3 are achievable:

Game Quests - Games that have Quests added to them can be found through several means:
► Check the complete list of Featured Quests and their corresponding Chats for all the games with Quests added to them below; once you've selected a game and go to the game's page, you can see all the available Quests, if any, positioned underneath the game screen. Hover over them with your cursor and all the relevant information is shown!
► Look for them in the Tag section: located at the top of your screen, click 'More ', then click the tag called 'Quests', or follow this link: Quest Games with Quests.
► Look for the yellow Armor Games shield showing next to a game's icon, indicating there are Quests available for this game! The number inside the shield shows how many are available.

Website Quests - These special non-game Quests are awarded whenever you use a certain selected website feature that has a special Quest assigned to it. For more information, please check the Complete list of all Armor Games Website Quests.

Contest Quests - These special non-game Quests are awarded to the winner(s) of an official Armor Games approved contest only. For more information about these, please check the Complete list of Armor Games Contest Quests.

Legendary Quests - These are very rare Quests that were either available for a very short limited period or one-time only during special events. For more information, please check the Complete list of Legendary Quests.

If you want to have information about your own 'quest' for Quests, simply check out the drop-box in the right top corner of the screen!
"My Quests" > How many Quests do I have?
"Latest Quests" > How many Quests are there and which ones do I still need to achieve?
"Games with Quests" > Which games have Quests? Check and browse this overview page! _ Ready? Set? Go!!
Do you love yourself some competition? Then be sure to check out the Quests Hero Board!! Find out what your rank is and try to surpass your friends! The user with the most Quests achieved can be the "Hero of the Day", "Hero of the Week", or even the "Alltime Hero"! Can you make it to the top? _ A little help?!
To help you out in achieving them all and discuss strategies or look for tips and tricks, you can simply browse the current list of games with Quests and their corresponding forum chat threads posted below. The featured list contains all the games that have Quests in alphabetical order (updated to the last date mentioned in the thread title) and at the same time, provide you with the means and help you might seek to achieve your goal: To get them all!! _ Oh-ooh... something's wrong!
Wait, you found a Bug, or experienced a Glitch with a Quest? We will do everything in our power to fix it! You can report them here : [Report] Quests Bugs & Glitches _ Hey! A suggestion...
So you have a wonderful idea or thought about Quests? Perhaps you want to share a suggestion about Quests? Or maybe, you would like to see Quests added to a certain game you love? Let's have it! Share your ideas, thoughts, game(s) and suggestions about Quests with us and post them here:
[Official] Suggestions, ideas or games you want Quests on? _ If all fails...
And if there is anything else you are wondering about concerning Quests, by all means, ask an available Admin or Mod on their profile! We are glad to help out and answer any question you might have!
Here's the list of current Admins and Mods on Armor Games!


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List of Featured Quests Games and
Their Corresponding Chat Threads :

- A Ghostly Journey [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- A Goody Life [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Arc of Templar [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Awesome Seaquest [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Battalion Commander [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Battalion Commander 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Bear in Super Action Adventure [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Bit Battles [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Bloons TD 5 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Bubble Tanks 3 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Bubble Tanks Tower Defense [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Building Rush [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Building Rush 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Bullet Heaven 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Burrito Bison Revenge [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Cactus McCoy 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Caribbean Admiral [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Caribbean Admiral 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Castaway 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Catapult Madness [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Chibi Knight [GAME] [QUEST CHAT] New Quest Added! (12/01/2014)
- Chuck The Sheep [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- City Siege 3: Jungle Siege FUBAR Pack [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Clicker Heroes [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Coinbox Hero [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Colony Defenders TD2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Command & Control: Spec Ops [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Crusaders of the Lost Idols [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Crush the Castle Adventures [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Crystal Story II [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Cursed Treasure 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT] New Quests Added! (07/30/2013)
- Dangerous Adventure [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Dangerous Adventure 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Dawn of the Dragons [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Dead End St. [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Dead Zed 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Decision 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Decision 3 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Decision: Medieval [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Deeper Sleep [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Demons Down Under [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Demons vs Fairyland [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Deterministic Dungeon [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Don't Escape 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Don't Escape 3 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Earn to Die 2: Exodus [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Egg Knight [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Epic Battle Fantasy 4 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Epic Boss Fighter [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Epic Boss Fighter 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Epic Combo Redux [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Escape To Hell [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Fire Catcher [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Frozen Islands [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- GemCraft 2: Chasing Shadows [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- GemCraft Labyrinth [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Give Up 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Hands Of War 3 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Help the Hero! [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Hero Simulator: Idle Adventures [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- hitBox [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- House of Wolves [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Incursion 2: The Artifact [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Infectonator 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Infinity Inc. [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Insectonator: Zombie Mode [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Into Space 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Invert Selection [GAME] QUEST CHAT]
- Jacksmith [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Keeper of the Grove 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Kingdom Rush [GAME] [QUEST CHAT] New Quest Added! (12/01/2014)
- Kingdom Rush Frontiers [GAME] [QUEST CHAT] New Quest Added! (12/01/2014)
- Knighttron [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Labyrinth: Secrets of ShadowHaven [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Learn To Fly 3 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Logical Element [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Mighty Knight [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Monster Bark [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Monsters Den Chronicles [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Multishop Tycoon [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Papa's Freezeria [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Quantum of Light [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Ragdoll Achievement 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Raiders took my dog [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Railbot [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Raze 3 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Rise of Champions [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Road of Fury [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Road of Fury 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Road of the Dead 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Robots Initiate Work Sequence [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Rogue Soul 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Royal Squad [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Royal Warfare [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Rumble In The Soup [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Ruthless Pandas [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Sacred Treasure [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Sentry Knight [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Sentry Knight 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Sentry Knight: Conquest [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Sequester [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- ShellShock Live 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Sinjid [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Sky Quest [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Strike Force Heroes 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Strike Force Heroes 3 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- StrikeForce Kitty 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- StrikeForce Kitty Last Stand [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- StrikeForce Kitty League [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Sum Links [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Sum Points [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Sum Tracks [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Sushi Cat 2: The Great Purrade [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Sushi Cat-a-pult [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Sword & Spoon [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Swords and Souls [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Tequila Zombies 3 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- The Deepest Sleep [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- The Enchanted Cave 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- The Gatekeeper [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- The Gun Game 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- The King of Towers [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- The King's League: Odyssey [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- The Last Stand: Dead Zone [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- The Weapon Masters Quests have been Deactivated. Read more: [QUEST CHAT]
- This Is The Only Level 3 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- This Is The Only Level 4 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Tinysasters 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Tower of Doom [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Treadmillasaurus Rex [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Upgrade Complete 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Warlords: Epic Conflict [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- What's Inside The Box? [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Witch Hunt [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Zombie And Juliet [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Zombotron 2 [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]
- Zombotron 2: Time Machine [GAME] [QUEST CHAT]

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